PT. Gunung Steel Construction is a member of Gunung Steel Group (PT. Gunung Garuda, PT. Gunung Raja Paksi and PT. Gunung Gahapi Sakti)

With the full support of the gunung steel group as the holding company, PT. Gunung Steel Construction significantly participate in the development in Indonesia by providing Services Design Build/Engineering, Design, Construction, Fabrication and Dyeing Services (Galvanizing) International class.

Established in 1997 under the name PT. Bukit Terang Paksi Galvanizing as services company based dyeing services (galvanizing), we fused together with the Division of Engineering Services Center (ESC), PT. Gunung Raja Paksi /PT. Gunung Garuda in a new venture that is PT. Gunung Steel Construction in 2012 with the Division of Engineering Fabrication, Construction andGalvanizing Division.

Powered by professional experts and used of the latest machinery and technology to our strong commitment, PT. Gunung Steel Construction is a necessary asset and is part of the development of the steel industry in Indonesia, in the fields Manufacture Steel and Hot Dip Galvanizing.